The incidence of Diabetes is increasing rapidly in all western countries. While approximately 5% of the population has been formally diagnosed as having diabetes, many more are not yet aware that they have it. As it increases at a rate of about 6% per year the number of diabetics doubles in about 15 years. If you did not develop diabetes as a child, you will have another chance when you are over forty.

Diabetes is commonly regarded as incurable and all medical effort is directed at controlling or managing it. However, I believe not only that most cases are curable, but that early Type 1 diabetes and all Type 2 diabetes are relatively easy to overcome with a suitable diet. In other words, drastic diet changes are necessary.

This means a more natural diet. For some this is fairly easy and a small price to pay for regaining health, while for others life is not worth living without their favorite foods, and for these the accepted medical treatment will be best.

If you want to overcome your diabetes or, in the case of long-term Type 1 diabetics want to live with a minimum of insulin, then this book gives you the necessary tools.

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