Asthma has become epidemic in recent decades. In most western countries ten to twenty percent of the population are affected.
The medical profession does not have a clue what to do about it, except for drug treatments that cause increasing long-term problems.

Fortunately, we have effective natural therapies to overcome asthma. We just need to remove the main causes: overgrowth of the intestinal tract with pathogenic microbes due to inappropriate medical use of antibiotics and other drugs, irritation of mucous membranes and excessive mucus production due to cows’ milk and lactose, and susceptibility to stress due to weak adrenal glands as a result of stressful early life experiences.

The solution is a low-allergy diet combined with intestinal sanitation, systemic anti-microbial therapy, releasing mucus congestion, breathing exercises, and mind therapies with relaxation and meditation exercises.

These methods, with some suitable additions, are also helpful with other lung diseases and breathing problems, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, such as emphysema, with bronchitis, pneumonia, as well as colds and influenza.

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